How To Give To Aussie Charities With Low Fees And Total Transparency

How To Give To Aussie Charities With Low Fees And Total Transparency

Get more of your donation into the right hands

Charity app technology provides donation transparency and control over where your money goes. Here’s how the Halo app is simplifying giving to registered charities from $1 a time.
The pandemic has had a massive impact on charities. There is huge demand for services and support, major fundraising events have been shelved. But Australians are a generous bunch – so charities have turned to partner apps to streamline and simplify transparent donations.

Why disrupt giving?

Traditional fundraising creates higher fees for charities. The Halo app helps reduce the administrative burden so more of your money gets into their pocket.

According to Giving Australia, an estimated 14.9 million (that’s 80.8%) of Aussies gave $12.5 billion and Aussie businesses gave $17.5 billion annually. Aussies dig deep to help others out – so why don’t we make it easy on them?

How much of your donation is getting through?

Charities and not-for-profit organisations do great work – but sometimes it’s tough for them to confirm how much of a donation is kept within the charity and how much makes it to a person in need.

Halo provide full transparency to our donors – think of it as verified crowdfunding for urgent needs with precise details of where your money lands. Halo controls and validates requests via professional counsellors in our partner charities – it’s a scam-free zone.

Slashing fees for good

We don’t decide where your money goes. You do. This means lower admin and management overheads for Halo and the partner charity – and more of your money goes to the person or pet you’ve chosen to help.

We’re a not-for-profit registered charity, so we keep our fees as low as possible. But we still have staff to administer your giving. A transparent percentage of your donation is held back to help provide better services, app functionality and admin support to get help to more people in need. We make it clear what goes where before you part with your cash.

That satisfied feeling…

Helping someone in need feels good. Caring for someone you don’t know is an act of practical compassion – and we think knowing exactly where your money goes is pretty darn satisfying.