How Halo is Changing the Game for Australian Charities and NFPs

How Halo is Changing the Game for Australian Charities and NFPs

Introducing Halo! The game-changing platform that supports Australian Charities and NFPs.

With 60% of all Australians making a charitable donation in 2022, it’s safe to say that philanthropy is at an all-time high in Australia. But what if we could do even more? That’s where Halo comes in! An innovative mobile app that streamlines the process for Australian Charities and Not-for-profits to receive donations from Australians ready to give. 

We sat down with Chris Russell, founder of Halo and Baxta (Australia’s #1 social networking and directory platform for pets), to learn about Halo’s vision and why it is a game-changer for Australian charities and NFPs. 

Q: What is Halo?

A: “Halo is designed by an NFP for NFPs. Thanks to our app and backend technology, registered Australian charities and NFPs can easily share their fundraisers on the Halo app and receive donations from those ready to give. 

Australians can use the Halo mobile app for free and donate to their chosen cause from as little as $1. With the help of our Halo team, those funds are transferred to the charity’s Halo Visa Card or via a direct bank transfer. 

Halo is a registered Not-for-profit charity, and therefore, all our efforts must comply with the ACNC Governance Standards.”

Q: How was Halo born?

A:The idea for Halo first arose when I was volunteering with a NFP organisation. During my time there, I noticed a variety of pain points that the volunteers had to deal with daily. I started looking at how technology, particularly a mobile app, could help improve a charity’s functionality and fundraising efforts. After countless conversations with the staff, I believed that Halo could help alleviate admin costs for NFPs and the time it takes away from those that need these wonderful peoples help.”

Fundraising for the Starlight Foundation, an Australian Charity

Q: What makes Halo different from other crowdfunding platforms?


A: “Halo keeps it transparent with our donors every step of the way. From the moment users click ‘Donate’, they’ll receive a breakdown showing them exactly what percentage of their donation goes to the charity, Halo, and the fundraiser itself. Since we’re a mobile app, our admin fees are much lower than other charities, so a higher percentage of your donation can go to those who need it most. We also aim to keep our community updated on how their donations have made an impact via our socials and stories section of our website.

Halo donors can also rest assured that the fundraisers they support are legitimate and verified by the Australian Charities and Consumer Commission (ACNC).” 

Q: How does Halo benefit Australian Charities and NFPs?

A:“According to the ACNC, around a third of registered Australian charities are classified as very small, with an annual revenue of less than $50,000. Over 50% of these charities have no paid staff and are entirely volunteer-run. 

Halo alleviates administration time for charities as we collect donations through our app and distribute those funds to them. Being a mobile app, Charity Partners will also have access to a new network of donors, saving them time and money on marketing. 

Our backend systems are simple, meaning our Charity Partners can have their fundraisers pushed out in no time!” 

Q: Who does Halo help?

A:“Halo works with Australian charities and NFPs, big and small, to help improve the lives of Australians and animals in need. Whether it’s a women’s shelter or an animal rescue facility – we’re here to help.”

Q: Have you always been passionate about philanthropy?

A: “Yes, I have! Helping animals and people has always been my biggest passion. Before I founded Halo and Baxta, I was the co-founder and co-director of the global EMPR Group. During my time there, I led various fundraising efforts for the Starlight Children’s Foundation

I’m very proud to say that while I was at EMPR, we were able to raise $270,000 for the Starlight Foundation.”

The Starlight Foundation is an Australian Charity dedicated to changing the lives of sick children
EMPR Raises $89,112 for the Starlight Children’s Foundation at City2Surf

Want to help give a better world? Download the Halo app, and start giving today!