Halo Partners with Australian Animal Rescue Charity ATS

Halo Partners with Australian Animal Rescue Charity ATS

Halo and the Australian animal rescue charity Animal Trust Society join forces to help transform the lives of companion animals.

At Halo, it’s part of our mission to help improve the lives of vulnerable animals, which is why we’re proud to announce our partnership with the Animal Trust Society (ATS). The Animal Trust Society is an Australian animal rescue charity committed to rehabilitating all types of animals. No matter the animal’s health status or age, ATS strives to give all pets in its care a second chance at life. 

ATS also runs various programs that help educate the community on responsible pet ownership and support struggling families with pets. Read on to learn more about the incredible work of ATS and how you can get involved! 

What is the Animal Trust Society?

Rescue dogs from ATS, an Australian animal rescue charity
source: animaltrustsociety

In 2015, Tace Manns decided to turn her dream of starting an animal charity into a reality. Since then, ATS has provided many vulnerable animals with physical, behavioural and emotional training. ATS is one of the few Australian animal rescue charities that are privately run, meaning that every donation goes towards helping the animals in their care. 

ATS strives to care for various animals (not just cats and dogs) through its Rescue, Rehab, and Rehome Program. Whether it’s rescuing animals facing euthanisation, private surrenders, or pets with defects, ATS is there to support them. 

With the help of their Community Assistance Program, ATS helps families who may be struggling to care for their pets. In these instances, pet parents can receive hampers, discount desexing and microchipping, health checks, and assistance with understanding responsible pet ownership.

How You Can Get Involved

Two adorable felines from ATS, an Australian animal rescue charity
Source: @animaltrustsociety

Want to play a part in ATS’ mission to rescue vulnerable animals? You can help make a difference by donating to one of their fundraisers via the Halo app. 

Microchipping can be a costly exercise, with most prices ranging from $50-$80 at an Australian veterinary clinic. Nevertheless, it plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of pets by providing a reliable method of identification. ATS’ Slip in a Chip Fundraiser provides heavily discounted, and in some cases free, microchipping to members of the public. By donating to their fundraiser, you are not only supporting responsible pet ownership but ultimately reducing the number of lost or stolen animals each year. 

From as little as $1, you can help support ATS’ Monthly Foodbank Program, where families facing financial hardship will receive free food for their pets. These assistance applications are sorted based on the needs, priority and eligibility of each family. Your contribution enables these families to keep their beloved animals, so they don’t have to consider surrendering them due to food costs.

Q&A with the Founder of Animal Trust Society, Tace Manns

Q: What inspired you to start the Animal Trust Society?

A: I believed there was a gap in the animal rescue industry – one that didn’t include surrender prevention, judgement-free education or assistance to families facing financial hardship who don’t want to surrender their pets. So with that, along with the fact that I have long been an animal advocate and lover, ATS was formed. I had the idea for many years, but my own dog, Cupcake, was the final catalyst to making it come to fruition after an unfortunate incident – he is now 13 and the CEO of ATS. 

Q: How is ATS different from other animal rescue charities?

A: Our approach, programs and ethos. We know what we are doing, and we do it well. Taking a methodical and analytical approach while maintaining empathy is something that is important yet not done enough. In terms of our programs, we have different silos and offer a whole approach to the problem, not just a singular one.

Q: Can you share some of the most memorable cases you’ve dealt with thus far?

A: This is a tough one because there have been so many! One very memorable case was Pocket. She became the poster child for staffies; she was a gorgeous-natured, perfect, sassy senior girl. She was adopted from us at 10 years old and continued to advocate for staffies until just recently when bladder cancer ended her journey. Even now, her memory is that of goodness and all things wholesome. Every single animal that comes through these doors has a special story, and that’s why we love each and every one of them with every ounce of being.

Q: How can people help support ATS? 

By interacting with our socials, offering skills for assistance (we are currently looking for admin people and socialisation assistants), and most importantly, donating those much-needed dollars. This can be done in various ways, especially by checking out our fundraisers on Halo!