Break the Cycle by Supporting ATS’ Animal Rescue Fundraisers

Break the Cycle by Supporting ATS’ Animal Rescue Fundraisers

Join ATS on its mission to save the lives of companion pets by donating to their two animal rescue fundraisers.

Approximately 200,000 stray and surrendered dogs are admitted to shelters and municipal facilities annually in Australia. The Animal Trust Society (ATS) is a privately run animal rescue organisation aiming to break this vicious cycle through various programs. ATS operates on a strict no-kill policy and strives to give all pets in its care a second chance at life, no matter their health status or age. 

This May, ATS is seeking donations for two animal rescue fundraisers. Your contributions will vastly improve the well-being and health of the pets in their care.

Funds for Frenchies

Frenchie-related Animal Rescue Fundraiser

Recently, four French Bulldogs came under ATS’ care, three of which were rescued from a puppy farm and one from a home where she was bred and discarded. The three dogs from the puppy farm had never experienced the touch of grass until they arrived at ATS and are adjusting to their new lives the best that they can. 

These four Frenchies require intricate medical procedures to tackle the complex health challenges they face. Among them, Cupid is particularly affected – battling Prolapse and Vaginal Hyperplasia. By contributing to the Funds for Frenchies animal rescue fundraiser, your generous donations will directly support their crucial surgeries and provide ATS with the necessary funds to kickstart their rehabilitation process. With donations starting as low as $1, you can play a significant role in helping these Frenchies get back on track.

Desexing-related Animal Rescue Fundraiser

Desexing is a vital procedure that reduces the risk of certain health issues and helps to control the cat population. ATS currently cares for a 4-month-old black kitten named Salem, who needs to be desexed. More cats are likely to reach the facility, but before ATS can commit to their rescue, they need the necessary funds to have them all desexed. 

Help these kittens receive the vital care they need by donating to ATS’ Desexing Fund on the Halo app. 

To learn more about ATS and its mission, read our blog – Halo Partners with Australian Animal Rescue Charity ATS.