Meet Halo’s Board

Halo is backed by an inspiring Board of Directors, passionate about merging the innovative capabilities of technology with human compassion and kindness. Together, we endeavour to support our vision to “give a better world” by delivering positive changes at speed to all our registered charities and the communities who need it most.

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Chris Russell

Qualifications: UNSW Sydney Supply Chain & Logistics Management.
Responsibilities: Reporting to the Halo board, Chris also helps lead the Executive Management Team in managing core operations and implementing projects to support Halo’s strategic direction and goals.
Chris Russell founded Halo in 2019 with a unique set of skills at the intersection of empathy, technology, and action. The golden thread of his career has been making a difference. Over 25 years as co-founder and co-director of the global EMPR Group before retiring in 2021, Chris introduced inspiring philanthropic programs including support for the Starlight Children’s Foundation. Switching to app development in 2018, Chris remains dedicated to doing good for people and animals, creating two apps: Halo to ‘give a better world’ and Baxta to create ‘a pet-friendly world’. Continuing his passion for philanthropy, Chris continues to help support charities large and small including the Starlight Children’s Foundation and Animal Trust Society. His proven experience delivering Board responsibilities is key to steering Halo towards a sustainable future supported by smart, compliant, ethical governance, financial management and strategic direction.

Michael Kadoury

Qualifications: Bachelor of Law, University of New South Wales. Bachelor of Arts, Majoring in Political Science and Japanese Studies, University of New South Wales. Member of the Law Society of NSW (1998 – present).
Michael Kadoury is a strategic business adviser and entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience helping innovative tech companies and early-stage start-ups grow worldwide. On top of his role as an active investor, Michael brings abundant industry knowledge to the businesses he invests in. Along with know-how, he brings extensive experience working with charities, from set up to sitting on the boards of numerous charitable foundations and NGOs in Australia, Europe, and the Middle East.
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Dr Simone Maher

Qualifications: BVSc (hons1). GradCertEdStud (higher ed). FHEA.
Dr Simone Maher is the director of the Centre for Veterinary Education at the University of Sydney. Her background is in small animal practice and shelter medicine, with 20 years’ of experience working in and with charities and Not-for-profits. Simone is on the advisory board of numerous animal-related organisations and committees, including Camden Council’s Animal Advisory Committee and the University of Sydney’s Animal Ethics Committee. Simone has a passion for education and believes the key to improving the lives of animals and people is through compassion and engagement.

Download the Halo app today

Download the Halo app today