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Give a better world with Halo

Halo's goal

Halo aims to give a better world by partnering with registered Australian charities and not-for-profits to deliver funds to Australians in need via the Halo app.

A charity simplifying giving

Halo helps people and animals in urgent need of essentials, basics and care. We support our charity partners to simplify giving while our donors can see exactly who and how they’ve helped. By highlighting real stories, we’re supporting vulnerable people in our communities, and breaking cycles of poverty and debt.

Who we are

We’re a registered Australian based charity and not-for-profit organisation founded by philanthropist Chris Russell. Chris is also the founder of Baxta – Australia’s #1 social networking app for pets.

The benefits of giving with Halo

  • Our app enables our registered Australian Charity Partners to post their own charitable stories, upload media and share campaigns easily across multiple touch points.
  • The Halo Global Australia Managed Fund is a public ancillary fund, which has Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status. This means that donations made to the fund are fully tax deductible to our donors.
  • Halo’s functionality helps limit payment scams and fraudulent campaigns by only dealing with registered Australian charities and not-for-profits registered on the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits (ACNC) before any donation campaigns are uploaded on the Halo app.
  • Halo’s platform services both Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) registered Charities and 3rd Party Charities, offering individuals direct fundraising access.

  • Halo’s platform allows those donations being  received to be seamlessly loaded onto the charity partner’s Halo Visa Card where they can distribute those funds instantly.

  • Halo provides our donor angles with complete transparency on their donations by showing them the fee percentage breakdown of their contribution on the Halo Mobile App. Our donors are shown a percentage breakdown of how the funds are to be split between Program Support, Administration and Fundraising before submitting their donated funds.


  See details below:

■ Program Support refers to our experts and advisors who deliver guidance, oversight, and evaluation. It also includes the costs of staff who are employed by Halo.

■ Administration refers to the Halo team’s costs in running the platform to achieve our goals. It also includes investment in our Mobile App Technology and infrastructure, people and culture, finance andaccountability, quality assurance, and the costs of our key leadership,
administrative and support staff.

■ Fundraising refers to how we secure donations, grants, R&D from our supporters to cover the costs of our expert fundraising staff, marketing activities, and our efforts to acquire new donors.

■ The Halo app is readily available for download on Apple Store and Google Play. Our mobile fundraising platform is 100% proudly Australian owned, and all monies raised using our app are distributed within Australia. Halo is a registered charity on the Australian Governments Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) website https://www.acnc.gov.au/

Why Halo?

Halo is designed by a Not-for-profit for Not-for-profits. With Halo’s backend technology, Not-for-profits’ can easily share their fundraisers on the Halo app and connect with those ready to give, reducing the time and money it takes to fundraise.

A nation of generosity

Donations in Australia are currently at their highest in a decade. Aussies are known for their generosity and digging deep.

But what if you got to choose who you’d like to help? Halo connects you to real-life stories so you can see the direct benefit of your donation. Stories are curated by our registered charity partners–and validated and verified by Halo.

Download the Halo app today

Download the Halo app today